Making A Difference In The World Around You

Making A Difference In The World

We all make a difference in the world. Each and every one of us impact countless others in various ways. If you speak with someone, drive a car, go through the drive-through, send an email, share a link on a social media sight, buy coffee, talk on the phone, or do anything else that has anything to do with other people, then you are making an impact on someone else in one way or another. The only question is, what kind of an impact are you making?

Being a positive presence in the world benefits both us and those around us in many ways. If you spend your interactions being positive and uplifting, then you will not only be more likely to make friends and to have people on your side, but you will also be more likely to be content and fulfilled with your relationships. You will also be more likely to receive kindness in return, in its varied and countless forms.

Of course, being a negative person has a negative effect on not only your life, but also on the lives of those around you. It is difficult to win friends or to influence others when we are always negative. Sure, it can feel great at first to tell the cashier how stupid she is, or to tell your gossiping friend how much you hate his guts… but are these things going to promote anything worthwhile? Are they going to make a positive difference in the world?

In the end, being negative is going to drag you and those around you all down. On the inside, you will feel miserable. You will feel lonely and isolated.

As you go about your day this week, attempt to be conscious of what affect you might be having on other people. Are you encouraging them, showing them kindness, and lifting them up? Or are you demeaning them, talking down to them, and beating them down?

Remember, being a positive person impacts you the most. It is in your best interest to be kind and to treat others with respect. This will gain you friends and will cause others to show you similar kindness, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. You will have made the world a little bit better for being a part of it, and that is a thought that should brighten anyone’s day!