Dealing With #Negativity

Negativity is incredibly common. In fact, it may often seem like it outweighs positivity in every sense of the word. There will always be someone with a negative attitude in your life, and this person will always try to discourage you, put you down, and drag your dream, goals, and plans through the mud.

But there are two things that you must remember.

  1. Negative people do not dictate what will succeed and what will not succeed.
  2. Negative people are often negative because they are projecting their own problems and view of the world onto your situation.

Negative people may range from slightly negative to very negative, but negative is negative… it is the opposite of positive, and the opposite of successful. You have probably not met many very successful negative people… and there is a good reason for that. Negativity tends to pull you in the wrong direction. When you have a negative attitude, your mind is not going to be where it needs to be in order to achieve success.

So how do you deal with negativity in your day to day life?

How can you resist it without becoming negative yourself?

The first step to doing this is to become aware of what is really happening. What is generally happening when someone is acting negatively towards you is that, for one reason or another, their own negative thoughts about their life or life in general are getting projected onto you. Your friend might tell you that you are stupid for starting a business in a slow economy… but that is a very negative attitude for him/her to have! In truth, he probably doesn’t know your plans because he has probably not taken the time to hear you out or to understand how you plan on dealing with it.

This brings up another very valid point. It is important to remember that negativity very often goes hand in hand with ignorance. Negative people have often not thought or researched things through… so it is easier for them to be negative about an idea because they do not fully understand it.

The second step to overcoming and dealing with negativity in your life is to remember that, in order to be a success, you need to rise above the negativity in general. Being affected by negativity invariably draws you into it, and could end up making you a negative person as well. Try to train yourself to brush it off and to ignore it. As a worst case scenario, you might need to choose friends with better care, and stop spending time around people who drag you down.