3 Good Reasons to #Meditate on a Daily Basis


Meditation might seem like something reserved for Yoga practitioners and martial artists… but the truth is that anyone can meditate. If you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or like you have lost control of your life and circumstances, then meditation could be instrumental in helping you to reclaim your peace and serenity.

The best part of meditation, however, is that it can be done anywhere and in many different ways. You could meditate while sitting on a park bench, while sitting in a booth at your favorite diner, or in any other peaceful location. One of my favorite parts of the day is my daily meditation in my car before I get out to start my day. I roll down the windows, breathe deeply, appreciate the air and the sun, and close my eyes. I think about myself, my life, and how I fit into it. I think about my shortcomings and how I can fix them. I think about the challenges that await me, and remind myself that I can accomplish anything.

Always try to relax while meditating. Breathe deeply, and allow yourself to enter a deeper, more thoughtful level of consciousness. Ponder what is truly on your mind, and try to give yourself enough time to think things through.

Of course, what I am describing here is a very simplistic approach to meditation… but even in its simplest form, meditation can still be incredibly rewarding.

Here are three great reasons to meditate on a daily basis.

1… Because it can help you to center yourself

Finding balance in your life is not always easy… but meditating gives you time to ponder things that may otherwise go un-pondered.

2… Because it slows you down

Working hard and moving at a fast pace are good things… but as a human, you cannot go full-speed 7 days a week for 24 hours a day! Finding a time to meditate on a daily basis forces you to slow down, to take a few deep breaths, and to give yourself time to think.

3… Because it will help you to learn about yourself

Sometimes in our busy, modern lives it can be easy to forget who we are. When this happens, we can find ourselves drifting, lost, and frustrated. But meditation can help to fix these problems by getting us back inside of ourselves. When we think deeply and meaningfully, even for just a few moments, we often discover things about ourselves that we otherwise may not have learned… and that can be a huge benefit!