International #GeorgiaRealEstateInvesting


  • $92.2 Billion of purchases sold to foreign buyers, 12 months ending March 2014
  • Sales split approximately 50/50 between resident and non-resident foreigners.
  • Foreign sales approximately 7 percent of $1.2 Trillion EHS market.
  • 28 percent of REALTORS® reported having international clients. Market is a niche market—a relatively few REALTORS® handle many of transactions: e.g., 4% of REALTORS® have 11 or more clients.
  • Market fluctuates from year to year substantially; long term market trend is up: 20 percent of REALTORS® report market increasing over past 5 years compared to 6 percent reporting declining.
  • Five countries (Canada, China, Mexico, India, U.K.) accounted for 54 percent of foreign sales.
  • Georgia ranks among the top 9 states for International Investing